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A look Inside

Original story, characters, and art

zodiac signs original comic book series. Cancer, Pisces, Leo.
zodiac signs original comic book series. Sagittarius Aries zodiac signs.
zodiac signs original comic book series. Cancer zodiac sign.

Twelve mighty kingdoms wage war across Drutana. Their fate and hope lye with the Zodiac Gods.

Across the cosmos divine Gods experiment with the creation of life. Mankind is born on the planet of Drutana. Over time twelve great kingdoms are built and each one creates a deity to worship from the stars. The kingdoms begin to wage war against one another, and the divine Gods intervene. With their godly powers, the twelve deities are brought to life in order to manage the escalating conflict. Thus, the Zodiac Gods are born into a world of chaos. The wars on Drutana do not halt and the Zodiac Gods only further escalate the matter. With no hope in sight of a peaceful world, the divine Gods abandon Drutana and the twelve Zodiac Gods. Drutana teeters on the edge of ruin......can the Zodiac Gods save mankind or will their selfish ambition destroy Drutana and mankind. 


The Zodiac Gods


Learn more about your favorite Zodiac Wars characters with stat sheets, and bios. 

World Map


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Conventions and Events

Fan Expo Denver 2023

Akihabara Arcade and Bar art Show 2023

Daku Con 2022

Be my Secret Anime car show 2023

Pancakes and Booze Denver art show 2023

Colorado Springs Comic Con 2023

RetroMania denver 2023

Colorado Springs Comic Con 2022

Akihabara Arcade and Bar Halloween event 2022


About the Creator


Jordan Chavez

Growing up I always found comics, and anime to be amazing. I was fascinated by the artists who wrote and drew comic books and manga. I dreamed of one day creating my own comic book series. In 2019 I decided to pursue my dream and I began creating characters for my series. I wanted to create a group of characters that everyone could relate to in some way. I was drawn toward zodiac signs so I created a character for each sign. I thought it would be fun to make a world where the zodiac signs would be fighting against one another and readers could connect with their favorite signs. I hope the Zodiac Wars will be exciting and fun and 

bring readers together to cheer

on their favorite characters.

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